LARAEC ROCS 2020 has ended
The LARAEC ROCS! virtual portal is now OPEN!!  You can find it at http://laraec.org/virtual-conference
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Reymundo Rodriguez

LAUSD-DACE- North Valley Occupational Center
CTE Instructor
Started doing electrical out of high school so that would be about 41 years ago.in San Antonio Texas. While taking a class at West Valley Occupation Center for Contractor Law, I gave a presentation on dos/don'ts of electrical and Mr. Huberman told me I would make a good Instructor, I started teaching in 2008 at WVOC/NVOC. I am a Licensed Electrical Contractor and still do work on the weekends. I'm open to any question about what I teach or how I teach, just remember I'm still a construction worker.