LARAEC ROCS 2020 has ended
The LARAEC ROCS! virtual portal is now OPEN!!  You can find it at http://laraec.org/virtual-conference
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CASAS, a non-profit international educational testing organization, is excited to support LARAEC agencies. We have added multiple remote testing approaches to enhance distance learning opportunities as we prepare for the future. 
CASAS’ tests assess basic academic skills for ABE, ASE and ESL adults in relevant competency-based applications. Test results help target instruction - directly linking to curriculum tools that address the skills that matter and help learners move along their life and career paths. The test results promote the transition to higher education and the workforce.

For more information go to www.CASAS.org.
Send General Questions to: CASAS@CASAS.org.
Send Technical Support Questions to: TechSupport@CASAS.org.